Public spaces

Writing history and highlighting its beauty at the same time. Painting with Light is happy to contribute to doing just that.

We have a definite soft spot for all historical heritage, the beautiful townscapes and villagescapes, churches and monuments all over the world. We take a thoughtful approach to each project for a public space or building, and we ensure the end result is stunning. 

We handle all the delicate elements and structures with care, whether it is a centuries-old building or a brand new architectural gem. We like working with the architect, project developer, government, or owner to achieve the best possible result. Which is sometimes highlighting certain details for the best visual result, while other times it could be to accentuate the grandeur of an object.

Research, creation, production, planning, coordination, and placement. Each project is a complex process involving various parties. What’s more, public spaces and buildings belong to us all. This fact is an extra element we ponder on in detail. It demands a lot of love for the profession and plenty of engagement from all those involved.