Theme parks & leisure spaces

Of course, amusement parks and theme parks are all about the experience. Visitors want to be totally submerged in the vibe of the concept at the park or in the ride.

The same is true for a bowling hall, a cinema complex, or a g-cart track, a casino, escape room or theatre. Painting with Light knows how to create added value for any spot where people come to find entertainment or relaxation. 

Lighting, projections, 3D mapping, augmented reality, and lots of other interactive multimedia applications are interesting elements for delivering the experience. Our team at Painting with Light has gathered an impressive amount of experience and expertise in each of these domains from working with a wide variety of parks.

Where a park used to be covered in a general concept blanket, nowadays it’s about giving each ride its own unique look and feel, which often requires creative solutions. From the first exploratory dialogue until the final design and the completion - a project like this often turns out to be the real rollercoaster. Besides the decorative look, we also look after many technical aspects such as safety, accessibility, and the ease of use.

Innovative project techniques, 3D mappings, creative light sequences in combination with special effects? Bring it on! To make sure we always arrive at the very best result, we work closely with our supply partners who never disappoint with their innovative products. We certainly relish building a prototype from scratch. It’s the only way we can guarantee unique and exciting visual and sensory experiences every time, and it’s how we make sure we keep pushing our boundaries.