Visualisation provides better insights into the configuration, execution and possibilities of any project. It gives all partners and stakeholders a clear focus on the concept and effective implementation.

The right view of every detail thanks to visualisation 

Are you a designer, promoter or client, or responsible for a particular project in any other way? We have various ways to visualise it perfectly. So you have a powerful asset to present and support your plans convincingly, and provide additional transparency and insights for all stakeholders.

We use Show Visualisation to bringideas, sketches, plans and technical diagrams to life with 3D visualisations. So you have a 3D tour of the show before it’s actually built, to help you make further decisions as you proceed.

Pre-programming also offers many benefits. It enables lighting and video cues to be programmed in advance, which saves a lot of time and money. We do everything from our pre-production studio, which is also available to external designers, directors, producers and programmers.

We use Architectural Visualisation to deliver photo-realistic visualisations of architectural design or can illustrate the potential appearance and atmosphere of your event location, theme park or installation.

Wander through your idea or concept thanks to our virtual & augmented reality visualisation solutions. VR is an ideal professional tool for convincing customers and investors.