A team of professional lighting and multimedia experts who design and produce visual experiences that dazzle & shine.

Whether it’s for an awards ceremony or a corporate event, a TV show or entertainment, a shopping centre or an urban, architectural, or business installation… Whether you’re an architect, company, city, theme or amusement park, a museum, or a hotel and retail investor…

Painting with Light is the leading specialist in the design and production of total visual experiences – including light, video, sound, and special effects. We focus globally on various areas such as leisure and entertainment, and offer a complete custom approach for your project. The scale is subordinate to the content!

We believe in offering added value to our customers by creating captivating and unforgettable memories for their audience. Owing to our explicit focus on quality, we are the proud recipients of several prestigious awards. Brimming with ambition, we want to continue to push boundaries in developing powerful visual imagery and evoking strong sensory emotions.

Are you looking for a unique interpretation of your location? Business, culture, entertainment, or commercial: check Locations to see how we provide each location with the right added value.

Looking for amazing experiences? We can provide them! By creating immersive stories and unique experiences. Check Creations to discover the creative visual boost we can lend to your project.

Latest news
Play Zuid has been officialy opened!

Play Zuid is a versatile event venue, spread over two floors, in the former Zuiderkroon. The location is suitable for the filming of various TV broadcasts, but can also be used for corporate events. In addition, it is a real experience space where visitors are fully immersed in the TV world.

K3 is back on the road again!

K3, the most successful Belgian-Dutch girl group of all time, are back on the road again and enjoying performing live shows again with lighting designed by Jeroen Opsteyn from PWL.

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