Museums & exhibition centers

Stuffy and boring? Those associations are steadily vanishing when we think about museums and exhibition spaces. Thank goodness.

After all, the overall experience is essential nowadays for a successful visit to a museum or exhibition. As a museum organisation or exhibition maker, it figures you want to maximise this experience. A skill we have definitely mastered at Painting with Light.

A museum collects, stores, researches, and exhibits? Correct. But nowadays, you also want to inspire, entertain, and enthral museum visitors - by engaging ad activating them, and making them participate. We achieve this by creating an ideal setting, adding the right atmosphere, and making the best possible use of various (light) techniques and digital media. 

Painting with Light enjoys going the extra mile to exceed the mere presentation of a collection. We integrate imagineering and storytelling, not just as part of your exhibition, but to pull together your entire layout and styling. From reception desk to toilets: as a museum or cultural institution it is best to present a comprehensive concept that tells an unambiguous story. We can refine the concept to suit any potential target audience with the help of customer journey(s).