Museum experiences

Nowadays, a visitor to a museum or exhibition expects more for the price of a ticket than just staring at a collection in a pleasant setting.

Extra experiences and interactions with the museum offerings are key right now. By creating a unique look or framework for the museum environment, by lighting the works of art in a specific way, and by making the stories behind the art come to life. Painting with Light has some great and even groundbreaking references already for this type of project. We use innovative presentation concepts that far exceed the conventional layout to shine a new light on museum visits. No challenge is too complex for us. With a creative light design, sophisticated technical systems for synchronous controls for light, video, and audio, and even the option of humidity controls. Even fragrance components or physical sensations are possible. We have the technical and creative ingenuity, and the know-how and experience to design, create, and manage a dynamic, technical solution for any project. Painting with Light is also happy to elevate any presentations to a piece of art, for example through customised virtual reality solutions.