Concept & schematic design

At Painting with Light we start every lighting project with the concept design, which forms the basis for the schematic design.

Concept design: ideas that shine

The first step in a lighting project design process is to develop a creative concept. We take all your wishes into account as we build a unique concept based on an existing idea or starting from scratch. We support this concept with reference images and moodboards, selecting the best ideas and roughly sketching them. Then we present the selected concepts with virtual lighting simulations and visualisations.

Schematic design: planned to perfection 

The chosen concept serves as the basis for the schematic design, which we use to work out what hardware is required, such as lighting installations and video equipment. We perform lighting calculations and projector studies, choose the control systems, compile all the information in a clear and comprehensive diagram, and draw up a list of required equipment with approximate budget. A schematic presentation of the lighting and video scenarios gives you a good idea of the end result. We test all ideas extensively with mock-ups and test rounds.