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Lighting renovation for Mrsool Park in Riyadh

In September 2020 Saudi Media Company won the media rights for the stadium with a strategy to transform the stadium into a 365-days sports- and entertainment venue. SMC chose Rayon as their lighting partner to revamp the entire lighting of the stadium. Rayon called on PWL to control and programme the stadium lighting, as well to create dynamic light shows. This resulted in spectacular show lighting that dances along to the music, suitable for various sports events.

The previous static stadium lighting had to be replaced by dynamic light shows, taking into account the FIFA 2020 & AFC 2021 guidelines for uniform lighting. Rayon chose PWL as an experienced partner to supply the complete control system, as well as visualize & programme the light shows.

The existing lighting was replaced by colour-changing luminaires. PWL opted for a DMX smart lighting management system, this provides flexible control of the lighting that allows to adjust the atmosphere of the stadium depending on the sport or event. PWL supplied the server rack and took care of all the control and programming in the stadium. The lighting consists of a combination of white and RGB luminaires.

Beforehand, the entire project was visualised in a realistic animation. The customer provided the desired songs and PWL pre-programmed everything from their homebased location in Belgium, Genk. Based on the pre-visualisations, the client could give feedback and the lighting sequences could be adjusted completely to their wishes. On site in Riyad, the programming was loaded into the control system and final fine-tuning was conducted.

The general lighting is operated via Pharos. Using a simple interface, general staff can switch the stadium lighting on or off per area. A grandMA system is used for the dynamic lighting. This allows the lighting sequences to be perfectly synchronised to the music. Moreover, the play-out of the videos in the stadium is also linked to our control system. In this way, synchronisation is always assured. This results in surprising light shows during various events.