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Play Zuid has been officialy opened!

Play Zuid has officially opened! Play Zuid is a versatile event location spread over two floors in the former Zuiderkroon. The location is suitable for the filming of various TV broadcasts, but can also be used for corporate events. In addition, Play Zuid is a real experience space for all visitors where they are fully immersed in the TV world.

PWL and partners worked hard on a new concept on the ground floor. An impressive studio for 'The Table of Four' and other TV programmes is placed in the middle of the room. SBS Belgium and Dedsit were looking for a suitable studio design with a contemporary look-and-feel and broadcast-compatible lighting that could be adjusted during the live show depending on the broadcast and the audience. Surrounding this studio is a cosy drinking area where guests can enjoy the cosy atmosphere while watching the TV recording. Also in the café area, the new showbiz programme 'Play Café' is currently being recorded.

The floor above has a spacious room that also serves for recording TV programmes as well as both live shows or other events. In 2022, the Cooke & Verhulst show was already recorded there. Since this year, it has also been home to Jan Jaap Op Zondag and Tulips From Antwerp.


Deusjevoo was responsible for the interior design, Amptec for acoustics & audio and PWL for video, lighting & control. PWL's assignment was to develop a control system with a simple user interface that could be used to operate all technology within Play Zuid.

There are various zones in which light, audio and video can be controlled separately. Everything can be easily operated via a touchscreen, so that no technician needs to be present to activate the various atmospheres.


An extensive fixed lighting installation has been installed on the ground floor. The light consists of lots of profile spotlights on voltage rails on the ceiling, stylish wicker-woven light fittings and hanging light bulbs in various sizes and shapes.

In addition, room dividers with wooden slats were installed to divide the space into different compartments. These feature sleek LED lines to create an overall warm atmosphere within the café.

The colour can be controlled via the control system and thus adjusted according to the event taking place. Lux Lumen was jointly responsible for installing the lighting.